Our process is not a traditional print/plate/etch circuit technology.  Additive Circuits technologies utilizes proprietary additive manufacturing methods, combined with traditional imaging and plating equipment.  Metallization is initiated thru a patented catalytic deposit and plating processes.   The molecular deposition process improves interfacial adhesion strength of the metallic and dielectric layers when compared to traditional methods, and can create feature sizes/tolerances that are only limited by the resolution of the imaging equipment and finishing processes.


  • Higher circuit pattern densities with tighter routing options, enabling complex circuit board designs, smaller packaging, reduced layer counts and sequential laminations.
  • Improved manufacturing yields through elimination of etching variables/artifacts, with the ability to produce finer conductor widths, pitches, and features.
  • Enhanced signal Integrity and performance, with improved power efficiency.
  • Expanded dielectric material selections, new composite materials, and new stack ups options.
  • Novel use of conductive materials and final finishes, allowing direct to gold metallization of ceramics for telemedicine and miltech.
  • Robust adhesion and thermal tolerances, even on ultra-fine features.